Q. What is the best lesson you’ve learned?

A good talk is everything.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned?

I would like to adopt some wisdom. What can you share? How can that lesson be an armor to win at life?






Apr, 2018

  • roman

    be careful how you trust people. trust is hard earned, but lost quickly and abused even quicker


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  • keith

    Unfortunately wisdom comes from experience. There isn’t really any way to give wisdom. I think the question should be “What are some lessons that you have learned that you can share?”.

    A lesson that i have learned is to really believe in yourself and don’t worry or put yourself down when you try to do things and fail. Keep trying. Through those experiences you will earn wisdom.


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  • nancy

    Well, to answer this let me tell you a story. My mother was working while she was pregnant with me. She had to visit far away villages to supervise the construction sites and fieldworks. As she was pregnant she wasn’t able to manage that so she decided to work from home. Later on, when I was a little older she resumed her previous job. This might sound like a very ordinary story but my mother told me the same story with superior intentions. She wanted me to learn how to find balance in life, to cherish the present without holding the worries of the future. And this is one lesson that has changed how I look at my life now.


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  • pearljam

    Ignore the person who overrides on u.

    Ignore him instantly

    Not take him serious.

    Ignore the persons who are arrogant.

    Devil people should be alone.


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  • virgo214

    By far, the best lesson I’ve learned is to stay lowkey. Not everyone deserves to know what I’m up to. Not everyone deserves to know who I really am. Being transparent to people means giving them something to fire against me when my actions fail to validate my words. Just let them wonder and let success do the noise.


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  • ae1996

    Best lesson that I’ve learned so far is to stop being a people-pleaser because it will make you for not becoming yourself, there’s a chance that you will lose your passion and maybe you will regret for doing what other people told you to do.


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