Q. Any great tips for me when visiting Amsterdam?

Any great tips for me when visiting Amsterdam?






May, 2018

  • lienengiel

    If its your thing visit the red light district and coffeeshops to see how some of the locals do it. Its also the old part of the city which is an attraction of its own if you can see past all the tourists.


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  • chris

    You can try to visit de Van Gogh Museum, the Rijkmuseum or Anne Frank”s House. If you are more a nature person the Vondelpark is nice too.
    And in the evening you can spend some time at the Leidseplein place, well known for the night life. The Heineken Experience is nice too ;)


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  • fernie305

    Take pic and/or buy souvenirs of what they’re known for. Windmills, flower plantations and lively nights. Yes, take extra care for your personal and important belongings. It’s going to be fun.


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  • awad7

    Go easy on the drugs and watch for pickpocketers. It’s a great city, I live close to it.


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