Q. What kind of employee would you hire?

A good talk is everything.

What kind of employee would you hire?

Suppose you own a business and you need to hire people. What characters do you prefer?






May, 2018

  • saleem

    It is very essential that every individual lands into a good job which he likes and would continue to do so. In the absence of the above, the only way is to reach out to reintegratie tweede spoor which provide guidance and professional expertise, seeking solutions whereby every individual will fit into an ideal career of his liking.


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  • pearljam

    I would hire the person as employee to my company who has some of these qualities which are as follows :

    1. Engaged with Your Vision
    2. Eager to Learn
    3. Willing to Take Responsibility
    4. Easy to Like
    5. Ambitious
    6. Skilled at Multi-Tasking
    7. Not Exactly Like You
    8. Happy to Be Noticed
    9. Humble
    10. Honest


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  • ronadventures

    I would hire someone whose secondary reason why he applies for the job is monetary satisfaction. The primary is to be an asset for the company because he knows what he is doing, if not, knows how to learn.


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  • kiaazad

    skilled and lazy, they would find the easiest way to do everything and it usually means efficiency.
    don’t confuse them with just lazy, those who are skilled have enough work ethics to do their job while searching for the most time efficient way to do it.


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  • huitemae

    i look for those that have a career plan and ambition. if their plan fits with the job i have on offer, then i am interested. next, i will assess a candidate on evidence of competence and ability to work in teams. Finally and at interview, i make sure the candidate gels with the rest of the team.

    for the most part, i have been very happy with the hiring i have done. the only exceptions are those i hired without applying the criteria above.


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  • virgo214

    If I were to hire someone to do the job, I would prefer someone who is committed, competent, and teachable (which is the only pleasing personality I would love to consider).


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