Q. What's the best website to waste your time on?

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What's the best website to waste your time on?

Maybe Qurito will be that website one day but for now what’s the main one where you spend your time ?

For me i’ll go for Youtube, as much for entertainment than to learn new things or watch documentaries.

But there is lot of those sites out there : Wikipedia, Netflix, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, 9gag, Rotten Tomatoes, 4 Chan, … what’s yours ?

wikipedia facebook netflix youtube website





May, 2018

2 Answers
  • fernie305

    I’d say the best website to SPEND time on. I like YouTube, too. An online socialization is also a good one for me so I SPEND time on Facebook and Instagram. Looking at good photos and exchanging comments are good activities to do on less productive hours, I believe.


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  • kirti

    when you say WASTE, it should be a useless website where you surf for hours and you get nothing out of it.
    i guess there are lot of websites nowadays where people can waste their precious time.


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