Q. Which new crypto for 2018 do you think will grow more than 100x?

Which new crypto for 2018 do you think will grow more than 100x?






Jun, 2018

  • allbitcoinbr

    I think the LOOM networking


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  • aacc1


    Have a great blockchain.


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  • cryptodad

    Hydro - still pretty low cap, after one solid pump, right now with another. they are launching still new and new things and it will be imo in top 100 this year (and yes, that will be the 100x price :) )


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  • kiaazad

    this year the old ones do better than new one, people are sceptical about the new coins right now


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  • crypto.bit182

    I believe in QURO :)

    We appreciate the information we share here and we will not sell them below the price


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  • lesikko

    These are my favorites.
    +Great team
    +Work is usually done in time
    +Technology which really help with something
    +High Rank=so people get to know them faster


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  • cryptotyl

    Maybe eosDAC or some tokens with EOS airdrops.


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  • roman

    zebi from its current market cap

    pchain - great project

    invacio - current market cap is low, due to big investor having to dump for a divorce settlement

    neurochain - big player for long term


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  • doru

    Take a look at XinFin Network (XDCE) @bancor : High potential


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  • 9lives

    I think the highest chance for over 100x is a high potential + hyped low mcap coin.

    Examples that I think could perhaps do it.

    Some hot ico pre sale.. :D


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  • abc550

    **CARDANO :




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  • bob

    I am definitely voting for Cardano

    You cannot go wrong with a former lead from Etherium.
    Charles Hoskinson has been there and done that, I am betting on him and his team.
    Also, they are ready to launch in the very near future.


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  • abhishek85



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  • erik

    Maybe Zebi, current market cap is little more then 40 millions.


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  • lancemessi

    I think gCn coin. The currenct rate is around 0.000015$ and before the year ends they are planing to complete their exchange, it is in beta phase right now.


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  • flamurajvazi1

    I think ECA can do 100x, Bitdigree is one that can do, but depends on the MC


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  • pearljam

    I Think....the hidden gem is Cardano (ADA).

    There are many reasons ......to place ADA on the top. Some of them are below :
    1. Multi-purpose
    2. Multi-faceted
    3. Blockchain & DApp Builder
    4. Advancement of Blockchain Technology
    5. ADA is Currency, Protocol, Smart Contracts, & Decentralised App Builder
    6. Fully Open Source
    7. 100 % New Code in Mathematical Array of ADA Blockchain, Better than ETH.
    8. Technological Advancement. So, no requirement of fork in future.
    9. ADA Team …One of the biggest team.
    10. Haskell programming language. Solve problems of Ethereum.Quite Modern & Advanced programming Language.
    11. Provably secure proof-of-stake.
    12. No mining.
    13. Network is secured by “Slot Leaders”.Cheaper to run. Almost as secure.
    14. ADA : Etherum of Japan & Hong King
    15. ADA : Ethereum Killer.
    16. ADA : Major Cryptocurrrency

    There are so many avenues of ADA....Unable to describe all of them.


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