Q. How can we make Qurito more popular?

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How can we make Qurito more popular?

How can we make Qurito more popular?

Post here Your brilliant ideas!

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Jun, 2018

2 Answers
  • adrienneholt

    For many people this is important, so check out my profile: www.fnf-mods.org


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  • huitemae
    1. Engage with companies and get them to do their research here. Imagine companies/researchers posting their polls here, rewarding users for answering them. it would incentivise people to join up
    2. run competitions where you can win Queros. what does it mean to have a very popular question or answer? why give out prizes, prompting users to advertise their work here onto the web and get them to attract more (voting) users.


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It is a platform that serves curious people who wish to learn and share knowledge. It is a stage that enables you to come up with your questions and get them answered. Here poles can be posted to know popular public choices. As knowledge is an undeletable wealth why not share it. At Qurito you can answer the questions that you know about. Answer them and earn rewards. Qurito is the means to redefine your curiosity.

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