Q. Can a message be conveyed through dance?

Can a message be conveyed through dance?

Dancing includes body movements and facial expressions but can we convey messages or thoughts through dance?

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Jun, 2018

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    With proper gesture, postures and expressions you don’t need words!
    Most of the dance forms in some way or the other convey emotions and messages. Dance is a language that has no barriers; two strangers without knowing each other’s language can converse through their dance.


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"Stomp your feet. Extend your arms. Chin up. Count the beat 1, 2, 3, and.." Good rhythm and beat make your head bang. Chanting is even accompanied with music and dance. Many people are also passionate about it. Even some movies and most music videos aren't well-accomplished without a dance. Like singing, dancing is an art of expressing one's self. It also speaks about the culture of its place of origin. To share your dance steps to the world is sharing and showing your beautiful culture through it. Show the world how you dance, and the world will tell you who you are.

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