Q. Why are cryptocurrencies the future?

Why are cryptocurrencies the future?

People always say that cryptocurrencies will be the future and will be adopted by the masses but what will actually make it appeal to the masses. The average Joe is not interested in buying ICOs and trading.






Jun, 2018

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  • wilsonmarry

    The history of crypto tells us a lot about what role it will play in the future of money. Traditional financial systems, which need a trusted third party to check, verify, and approve transactions, could be changed by blockchain development technology. As the technology improves, more areas recognise and accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate way to do business. In the future, cryptocurrency could take the place of traditional money.


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  • roman

    i think the real applciation to make a diference to my life is finances, banking etc.
    i think ethos universal wallett for example will allow ease and convenience for me personally to use and invest and store crypto currencies. but the gloabl picture is all about corporations in my mind


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Cryptocurrency is a secure, trustful and transparent digital currency which can neither be counterfeited nor be reversed arbitrarily by the sender. It eliminates the necessity of a third party involvement for the exchange, as it is encrypted and peer-to-peer virtual currency. For those who prefer non-disclosure and privacy, cryptocurrency is the solution. The use of this kind of virtual currency prevents any kind of identity theft. The concept of cryptocurrency has given birth to reliable e-cash.

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