Q. What should be the methods to manage plastic waste in our environment?

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What should be the methods to manage plastic waste in our environment?






Jun, 2018

  • kapma

    We want to become a leader in “green waste removal” at our business. We separate our building waste to transfer sites in the Hudson Valley as part of our commitment to environmental preservation. See: www.junkitmobile.net/about-us


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  • saleem

    Solid and liquid waste incinerators are specialized facilities that play a critical role in managing waste, particularly hazardous waste. These facilities use high temperatures to break down waste materials, reduce their volume, and minimize their environmental impact. While INCINERATOR MANUFACTURER have several benefits, they also pose environmental concerns, which can be addressed through proper design, operation, and use of advanced technologies.


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  • nunezdanny

    The biggest home projects or new construction can be a hassle when you have to deal with both digging and disposal. For Usa Dumpster Rentals Miami, all these hassles are forgotten when you get your supply from us in-hand and on time for cheap! Jose Arango


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  • julian

    What can be better than recycling the plastic that has already been used?
    Along with waste management, we must educate people to dispose of plastic properly.
    As most of the issues are emerging due to the inappropriate disposal of plastic.


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  • keith

    In i’s opinion, if there were an incentive to collect and recycle plastic then it would clear up the world of plastic like no one has ever seen.

    If there was a return deposit reward then people would be looking for plastic to cash in. It is a very simple idea.

    Just find a reason for recycling waste plastics that will make money and problem solved. Seven (7) billion people will save their plastic and go out and look for it to make money… Free market really works!


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  • ishaan

    The best way to manage plastic is to minimize its usage as much as possible.
    Declining its usage will lead to lesser efforts in managing it later. Other than that the disposal of plastic should be unerringly monitored.
    It should be strictly prevented from being burned.


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