Q. Kepler Technologies- AI&Robotics Blockchain?

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Kepler Technologies- AI&Robotics Blockchain?

Hi, everyone!
Kepler Tek is one of the most promising Project around, that is focusing on AI & Robotics using the Blockchain! They have an office and a 550.000 square meters of freeland basend in Georgia on which they will build their Labs / Campus etc. and all of this is backed up by the Georgian Ministry, which means that they are legit at 100%. Their team is quiet young, but really motivated and dedicated on following their ideas, they have strong community too and are really transparent.
I would like to ask you, what you think about Kepler Project?
Would you invest in them and if yes, why?
Any other comments on this topic are welcome too!

Thanks for your time and sharing toughts!

See you around!






Jun, 2018

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  • amilebills

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