Q. How can one live life to the fullest?

How can one live life to the fullest?






Jun, 2018

  • abdul29

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  • kiaazad

    get your hands on some money and start spending like crazy, you can’t say “I lived”, unless you become the “I’ve done it” guy/girl


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  • pearljam

    Bearth In…Breath Out.
    If a person is far away from materialstic world…


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  • kirti

    living life to the fullest depends on only one things that is doing the work which you like to do and you actually enjoy your work, also take vacations with families and discover new places, spend time with children, mom dad, make people happy, eat good and healthy food, stay healty, play sports and keep your body fit. you cannot live your life to the fullest, there are many things which will be missed and many amazing things which we wont be able to see in our life, but that doesnt mean that will make our life fullest. if your happy, there are no regrets on your face when you are dying, and dying happily is a life lived to the fullest


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We can define life through experiences and still can't find the exact word to say what life really is. Messy? Complicated? Roller coaster ride? Meaningless? or just not being dead? Philosophy suggests that there's an invisible bond that interconnects all the living. Most of us are still bugged about how life started and what's next after life. There is more to life that just merely exist. No one can figure out what exactly it is because no one knows the purpose behind this. All we can do is to live it to the fullest. It is too short; don't make it shorter.

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