Q. To what do you listen more, your heart or your brain?

To what do you listen more, your heart or your brain?

heart or brain choice making hardest choice





Jul, 2018

  • kiaazad

    never heart, always brain


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  • pearljam

    Brain always Think for in each and every aspect. But, heart interfare sometimes to the Brain.
    So, if both argue, i would prefer heart to brain most of the time.


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  • shrenu

    The heart is the little emotional fellow that will cling to every single emotion-related things.
    It is the brain that has to do all the dirty work.
    I let my heart decide when it comes to things and decisions that can be fixed later if taken wrong in the first place.
    But when it comes to decisions that are going to change everything in my life, at that time I let the brain have the leash.
    Keeping this approach you’ll have lesser things to regret.


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  • ronnie

    My heart first when you are thinking or going for your passion, but you have to be smart and use your brain as well because it can get you in danger in some situations.


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