Q. Which are the programming languages that I should know to develop games?

Which are the programming languages that I should know to develop games?






Jul, 2018

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  • webskitters001

    To develop games, you should consider learning programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python, and JavaScript. C++ is commonly used for high-performance game development, while C# is popular with the Unity game engine. Java is suitable for Android game development, Python is versatile for prototyping and scripting, and JavaScript is commonly used for web-based games. Additionally, game developmentframeworks like Unreal Engine have their own scripting languages, such as UnrealScript and Blueprints. Familiarizing yourself with these languages will provide a strong foundation for game development across different platforms and genres.


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  • mefjiu

    From my own experience, I will suggest you SFML (if you know C ++) is a 2D gaming library (come along people who create something three-dimensional), learn how to play (seemingly easy - in a more difficult pact), learn a lot of things you must know in creating games. Secondly, the library is easy to learn from which you can transfer to 3D / other SDL / openGL libraries


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Just put it in a simpler sense that decoding something you dont understand is like being a JAVA man who is trying to improve his life with an insufficient knowledge about how things work. The scope of programming is as huge as a Python. You may hear the term Java Script but its not the letters and written words of a Java man. Definitely, bugs in programming are not the kinds who are responsible for pollination. Software is not a soft pottery in the kitchen. Ruby is not the stone. Error code. Welcome to programming languages!

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