Q. Can humans live their life only on natural resources?

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Can humans live their life only on natural resources?

that day is not too far where we need to live our life only on natural resources, if we didnt not stop poluting our nature, one day all the resources will be finished and mankind will only be left will hydro, solar and wind power






Jul, 2018

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Thankfully, we are living in the most special planet in our galaxy that is rich in natural resources. Talking about it reminds us of the renewable and non-renewable resources. All of these seem to be created for human consumption especially and most especially for the economic gain. Natural resources on the surface or at the core of the Earth exist without us doing something for them to exist. We discover them and get benefits from them. In the rapid advancement of the society, people use more than what is needed and forget the importance of conservation. Thus, several natural disasters occur. The vision of a future with limited resources is tragic and regrets always come last.

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