Q. Which is your favourite netflix series?

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Which is your favourite netflix series?


why 13reasons netflix series





Jul, 2018

2 Answers
  • ostin

    Hi. In the world of entertainment, consumers have countless options available to them, but one streaming platform stands above the rest: Netflix. It’s very easy to subscribe to them on the company’s website. And if for some reason your interests have changed and you do not want to use their services in the future, there is no need to look for a netflix phone number since you can cancel the subscription yourself, and there will be no difficulties with this.


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  • dan54

    13 Reasons is solid!

    However, it has to be Dark Mirror for me!


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Imagine a timeline of the generation then and now. Teddy bears have turned to virtual pets. Mini figures of monsters and swords have turned to online games Defense of The Ancient (DOTA), and Clash of Titans. From box to LED TV, and from classical music to pop. The entertainment has evolved.
What else do you have to say? People find happiness in the hundreds and thousands of likes in their photos and videos uploaded in entertainment platforms. This has become a way of life; sometimes, a meaning of life - that is, using entertainment to make people happy.
In the then generation, entertainment was for recreational purposes only. In the present, do you want to be famous? Then be interesting. Be an entertainment.

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