Q. What is the next big thing mankind needs?

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What is the next big thing mankind needs?






Jul, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    we need efficient and cheap energy,
    I think I mentioned somewhere before, that everythng mankind needs can be obtained using enough energy.
    with cheap energy we can filter ocean’s water and cultivate the deserts, cool down magma and build big warm houses on the montain tops.


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We are all busy with the hassle and hurry world. At the end of the day, we sit in front of the television and enjoy any means for pastime. We just really love what we have now. That's what matters in present, isn't it? Now, how many of us never forget to be thankful to the creative minds of the inventors most especially the ones in the past who worked big time for the world's advancement in technology? The present inventors also dedicate themselves to develop more advanced technologies. Taking a deeper look on it, they're only reaping and developing what those who have gone before them on the way.

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