Q. What are the daily habits that drain our focus?

What are the daily habits that drain our focus?

In our daily routine we indulge in activities that deplete our focusing capacity.
Which are such tasks that you think are decreasing your focus?

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Aug, 2018

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    Here are 5 really simple positive habits which you must introduce to your morning schedule, to ensure that your day goes by happy, and fruitful. These are some tried and tested methods rolled out by primary care physicians in Oregon.

    1. A No-Screen Time For At Least 15 Minutes
    It is very normal for us to tie our day to technology, right from the very moment that we open our eyes in the morning. Let technology not enslave you so much, and save the precious minutes of your waking up to yourself. Other than putting off your alarm, resist every urge to check your mail, messages and even the social media notifications.
    Take whatever step you think is necessary for that, even if it is disabling notifications!

    2. Switch your morning coffee with lemon water
    The first thing that you must drink in the morning is lukewarm water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it. There are a number of benefits it has on your body like cleansing your mouth and the throat, giving you a necessary boost of energy and also, starting your metabolism, which in turn burns fat. Give a gap of about 30 minutes before you brush, eat or drink anything next.
    This might be tough for the caffeine addicts, but 30 minutes shouldn’t really bother. Plus, it is a great way of reducing the coffee fix!

    3. Get Out of Bed Correctly
    Many of us would be wondering how can there be a good or a bad way to get out of bed, but there is. The best way, benefiting your heart and your back, to get out of bed is to roll over to your right side, and the pushing yourself up to a sitting position. While you sit, do not hunch. Before you stand on your feet, this easy morning ritual is actually a great way of kick-starting your day.

    4. Begin the Day with a Little Optimism and Gratitude
    Smiling the first thing in the morning can change how you get by the day completely. Smiling signals your brain, which in turn releases the good neurotransmitters, lightening up your mood, relaxing the body, and lowering down the heart rate.
    Also, taking out a few minutes from your morning to practice a little gratitude reduces stress hormones and uplifts mood. Nobody minds a bright day after all!

    5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
    Like the popular saying, eat your breakfast like a king! Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and hence you must take out time to eat it. The more important thing is to eat a healthy breakfast, full of lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains. These give you the necessary energy to go by the day and also gives you a stronger ability to concentrate and focus. Also, if you skip your breakfast, there are chances to will end up gaining some weight. It is often suggested by reputed medical weight loss clinics that one must have a hearty and healthy breakfast.

    You are well aware of your negative morning habits, so why not let them go? Rather, learn and focus on the habits which help you be a better person, and makes your mornings bright!


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