Q. What are the core principles of strength-based model?


What are the core principles of strength-based model?






Dec, 2018

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    Strength-based model emphasizes upon people’s strengths and self-determination. It is a philosophy and a mode of making people resourceful and resilient to face any kind of adversities.

    • The resilience building program fosters the belief that every person has the potential to use their uniquely gained strengths and capabilities in a positive way and that they will not be defined or limited by their past actions or circumstances.

    • The focus of our energy and thoughts becomes our reality. By focusing on strengths, possibilities, uniqueness and resilience we will ensure our paths are not derailed by the inevitable challenges life throws at us. We learn not to avoid challenges, but to embrace them, this fosters hope and optimism.

    • Sustainable long term change occurs in environments where authentic relationships are cultivated. People need to know that they are supported by someone that cares. This process of facilitating and supporting change isn’t about ‘fixing’ problems, it becomes about identifying and working to increase your capacity to overcome them.

    It is essential to consider enhancing the resilience of an individual, family and community. These programs help to make a better society.


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