Q. What is Global Warming Doing to Polar Bears?

What is Global Warming Doing to Polar Bears?

With the gradual ice melting at the poles, Polar Bear makes the news! A new animal intruding a zoo, again Polar bear is the highlight!

Have you ever wondered how the habitat deprivation and climate changes are affecting this icon of the Arctic?

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Apr, 2019

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You might wake up from the noise of the animals around you; the chirping of the bird, the howling of the dogs at night, the cats fighting against each other, the annoying sound of the mosquitoes near your ears, the sound of the cricket, or the hiss of the snake. You can name more animals but you cannot possibly know all animals in the world. There are animals in the wild yet not all animals can be domesticated. If domesticating all of them is possible then maybe there will be no endangered species.

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