Q. How to Recover Hacked Twitter Account?

How to Recover Hacked Twitter Account?

What you thought was a safe and simple link can be something much more dangerous. Clicking on a link can get your account hacked. And you find yourself wondering how to recover twitter account. This simple mistake of yours can give power to hackers over your account.

Get to know if your account is hacked?

The simplest way to know if your account is hacked is to ask your friend if they are getting spam links from the account. Hackers send out unwanted post and products to the followers you have on your account.

Steps to follow when your account is hacked

If you think that hackers always target famous personalities, then you are wrong. Normal people can also be a victim of hacking. But the question is: Is twitter account recovery possible? The answer is yes. See the instructions below and you can restore your account.

If you can log in:
The first step is always to change your password right away.
Reassure that the email linked to the account is still yours. If it is not your email address then changing the password can do nothing.
If you have given access to any third-party app then revoke it. Third-party apps always cause problems.
Use the two-step verification system. And enter your phone number for confirmation.

If you can’t log in:
In this case you can try resetting the password of your account. But there can be a hindrance if the email address linked with your account is changed. In that case, resetting the password will not be possible. You would have to fill the Twitter hacked account form. Filling out the form will send your request to Twitter and wait for Twitter to do the rest of the work.
For twitter recover account is very easy by following the steps above.

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