Q. How to Fix Waze app not working?

How to Fix Waze app not working?

Waze is the most popular traffic app ever released. The app provides directions, live traffic maps, traffic alerts, and even roadblock alerts. The app saves time, provides accurate steering, and is also available on multiple platforms.

But despite how great the app is, there are numerous cases where users have complained that Waze app not working. Not showing traffic reports or even providing alerts.

This is a common problem for an application like Waze that has a large number of users. Such problems can appear for different reasons, but we have the solutions available in the article below. Have a look.

Fix Waze not working
Hence, the particular problem mainly appears when users are trying to get navigation details and Waze starts to show the wrong location or even no location at times. Similarly, Waze seems to lag or stutter multiple times, causing the signal to drop multiple times after launching the app.

Now before heading to the guides below, make sure to check if the device is using the correct date/time according to the carrier network and is connected to a good internet network or not. If that’s your case, then just try restarting your device or enabling Airplane mode once to check for the problem. If you don’t know how to do it, let’s check it out.

Disable the cellular network
One solution that seems to have worked for other users is to disable the Cellular Network preference in settings and restart the phone.

For iPhone
On your iPhone, go to Settings.
Touch Cellular> Cellular Data Options.
Disable the 4G or LTE option that you have in the settings.
Restart your iPhone.
After reboot, start Waze and check if GPS is working.
Make sure to enable cellular network from settings.

For android
From the home screen, touch Settings.
Go to Wireless & networks and touch SIM card and Mobile networks.
Disable the VoLTE option.
Touch the name of your network provider and change the preferred network to 2G / 3G.
Restart the phone and start Waze. Check if the problem has been solved.
Also, enable the VoLTE option along with the preferred network.






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