Q. How Can I Recover my Deleted Post on Facebook?

How Can I Recover my Deleted Post on Facebook?

Facebook is a very widely used social media platform. You can connect with your well-wishers on Facebook through different posts and uploads. However, sometimes you can accidentally delete these posts. If such a thing happens to you then, you should not worry because we are going to tell you how to find deleted posts on Facebook

Use our guide and solve any issue you are facing with deleted posts on Facebook.

Recovering posts through ‘Manage Activity Feature’

You can use this feature to retrieve any deleted post within 30 days of deleting it. But you can only use this feature on the mobile application of Facebook. Follow the instructions and get back your deleted posts.
Open your Facebook profile in the application and then click on the three dots (More) beside it.

Now, hit on Activity Log.

Click on the option that says Manage Activity.

Now you need to look for the Trash Bin. You can recover deleted Facebook posts this way.

In the trash bin, you will be able to view any post deleted within the last month and then select the post that you want to get back.

Now, from the options given tap on Restore to confirm. This will make sure that the post is back on your timeline.

Way to Find Deleted Facebook Posts

If you are using Facebook on your computer then these methods given here will recover your deleted Facebook posts.

Look for the Original Post

If your shared post is deleted then you should look for the original one.
Look through your emails

Certain Facebook notifications go to your mail account. You can also check there.

You can also get your deleted messages on messenger back this way.

To explore more about Facebook and its different features look at the technical support website Ityug247.

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Dec, 2021

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