Q. Google chrome not working problem?

Google chrome not working problem?

Google Chrome has stopped working
Google Chrome, one of the most commonly used browsers in the world, is widely used around the world. It is in our daily life. So it will annoy you when Google chrome not working. Don’t worry, it should be easy to fix.

Check for conflicting software
Type “chrome://conflict” in the address bar and hit Enter. The program will show you the list of programs. If there are any programs that conflict with Chrome, you must update, disable or uninstall it.

Remove browser extensions
Extensions are small software programs that personalize the browsing experience. They can allow users to configure Chrome features according to individual needs and preferences.
However, some installed extensions could be the reason for the “Google Chrome has stopped working” error. Therefore, removing or disabling the problematic extension can solve this problem.

1) Double click on the Google Chrome shortcut.
2) Type “chrome: // extensions” in Chrome’s address bar and press Enter.
3) Click each blue button to disable any extension listed in the panel.
4) Restart Chrome and open a URL in the third to check if the error will appear or not.
5) Enable the installed extensions one by one to find which one is causing the problem. Then disable or delete it.

Reset Google Chrome to default settings
Google Chrome has an option that can reset Chrome to default settings. This feature will not affect your saved bookmarks or passwords. It will return Chrome to default settings and remove all settings that could cause this unresponsive error.

1) Double click on the Google Chrome shortcut.
2) Press the three-dot button in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
3) Scroll down and click Advanced.
4) Scroll down and click Restore settings to original defaults.
5) Click Reset Settings to reset Google Chrome.
6) Restart Chrome and check if the error appears or not.

Why won’t Google Chrome open?
If you have followed all the steps above but still can’t start or Google Chrome only opens once and never again. This means that your browser is affected by some malware or there is a third-party program preventing it from opening. This may be due to Antivirus, Third-party Firewall, Firewall installed by Antivirus OR if you have installed such program that is causing a problem. Basically in such cases the ownership of Google Chrome changed and you cannot launch it from your user account.






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