Q. CenturyLink Internet not working?

CenturyLink Internet not working?

Initially, having an Internet connection was essential, but today, having a fast and reliable Internet connection is the number one priority for everyone. The reason is simple: a slow internet hampers your everyday life and interrupts your plans. Aside from the frustration of a snail-speed internet connection, there’s the fact that you’ll always end up waiting for your favorite online streaming show to be buffered, or you’ll just have to compromise on video quality. blurred. Fortunately, there is the option to fix CenturyLink internet speed. In this post, we’ll share the steps on how you can enjoy the best Internet speed from CenturyLink before you have to call them for repairs.

Why is there no internet connection?
You will find various reasons online if you search “why am I not connected to the Internet?” However, here are two main reasons why you don’t have an internet connection:

  • CenturyLink Internet is experiencing a outage in your area. You can always contact CenturyLink representatives to confirm this.
  • There is something wrong with your Internet modem.
  • Let’s take a look at how you can fix your internet modem for a fast internet connection.

How to fix your CenturyLink modem
First of all, go and grab your modem. It should look like one of the two modems shown below:

There are a ton of flashing lights that probably look intimidating at first glance. The first thing we want to check is if your modem is receiving power. At the far left of the box, you will see the power light. It will look something like this:

We want to see a green power light, but its power light can be red, amber, or completely off.

Red or amber light
You will see a red or amber power light when the modem tests its own hardware. Expect the light to stay red for about 30 seconds and then turn green. If it stays red, then here are some possible reasons:

You are using the wrong cable for the power supply. Make sure you use the one they gave you.
Your modem has overheated. Move your modem to a place where it has better air circulation.
You are not getting enough power from your power strip or surge protector. Try plugging your modem directly into an electrical outlet.
If nothing else works, you can reset your Wi-Fi router. You can do this by using a paper clip to press the reset button until the lights go out. This will reset your modem to factory defaults.

No light at all
If the power light isn’t on, then you’ll want to check the power cord and make sure it’s plugged in. If it is plugged in and still not receiving power, then power may not be coming through the outlet. If there’s no power to the outlet, then you’ve got a bigger problem than an internet outage, buddy. I’d call an electrician.






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