Q. Why am I not receiving a Google verification code? How can I fix?

Why am I not receiving a Google verification code? How can I fix?

If you are a regular Google or Gmail users then you must be familiar with the situation when you do not receive a Google verification code for Gmail and you must also be familiar of how annoying it might be.

Usually Google verification code is required when you go for two-step activation code when you login into your account on a new device and the other situation where you need Gmail password is when you want to recover your Gmail account for if you want to reset password for it.
So, let us begin to see the solutions which can be tried when your gmail not receiving verification emails without any further ad on.

Solutions to look for when Google is not sending verification code –

  1. The users need to make sure that they have a stable and a working internet connection so that you can get your code you are looking forward to.

  2. Ensure that the device and the phone number is accessible to you on which you are expecting the code to fix google verification code not receiving issue.

  3. You might get the code on Google prompt instead of getting it on your verification code on text message.

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Jan, 2022

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