Q. How to Fix iPhone camera not working issue?

How to Fix iPhone camera not working issue?

There is nothing more frustrating than iPhone camera not working issue when you take out your iPhone to capture the perfect moment. But luckily, there are a few quick things you can try and fix whatever issues you’re experiencing and start taking pictures in no time. Read on for some tips on how you can fix things like your iPhone camera flash showing black screen not working. Most of the time, the focus of the iPhone camera is its hardware capabilities. However, there is actually a lot of software that goes into making the camera as good as it is. When you open the Camera app and see a black screen. You can take wide panoramas, beautiful portraits, film-quality videos, and more. When the camera doesn’t work, you lose one of the key features of your iPhone. here are a couple of quick software-related tips you can try to get it working again.






Jun, 2022

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Few years back, you may have imagined about robots dominating the world; a miniature helicopter capturing photos; or living in Mars. Imagination goes well with creation. We’re on our way. For hundreds of years, science has been doing studies and giving explanations to occurrences that go beyond the human imagination and understanding. Thus, theories are created.
For hundreds of years, technology has been doing a great job in industrialising the world. You step in the land of the first world countries and see for yourself how lifestyle has been advancing. Yet, theory is a theory until it’s proven; technology remains limited. You might wake up one day and see that sci-fi turns into reality. However, what happens next when the clock ticks to ‘Midnight’ and doomsday is for the universe?

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