Q. What is the best way to use CBD?

What is the best way to use CBD?






Aug, 2022

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  • klaudiapunctus

    There are about half a dozen ways to use CBD, and none of them is the “best” way. They each come with pros and cons.

    For example, let’s say you decide to order some Cumbria CBD oils from The Herbalist Company website. The easiest way to use that CBD oil is to ingest it — you can place drops in your mouth directly, or you can dilute it into a food or liquid.

    Ingested CBD stays active for a long time as the slow march of digestion continually adds more CBD to your bloodstream. The downside, however, is that over 90% of the CBD will be wasted by the digestive process without having any effect.

    You can counteract that by placing the CBD oil under your tongue and letting it be absorbed. The sublingual application ensures that a higher percentage of the CBD will be used, and the effects are much faster.

    Another way to use CBD oil is to place it topically on different areas of your body. Topical application can be used to alleviate localized pain and inflammation.

    In the end, any of these methods are viable, and they can each be the “best,” depending on what you’re trying to achieve.


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