Q. How can you keep your solar panels clean?

How can you keep your solar panels clean?

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Sep, 2022

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    Solar panels are sensitive to things like dirt, dust, and tree sap. These particles can drastically decrease the efficiency of your solar panels, which means you’re paying more on your electric bill.

    There are many ways to keep the panels clean. For instance, I use a leaf blower or vacuum cleaner to remove large debris from the panel surface and then wipe down the surface with an alcohol-free glass cleaner diluted with water. Remember to wash your hands before touching any part of the panel because oils from your skin can also decrease its ability to absorb light.

    As most solar panel cleaning Taunton experts recommend, take time to find out if there’s a specific time of year when it’s easier for you to clean off leaves and other debris that have been sitting on top of the panels for months at a time. If not, don’t be afraid to break out the ladder and give those panels a good wash. A good solar cleaning company such as County Cleaning will advise you on how best to keep the panels clean.


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