Q. Does the robots present on mars runs all day and night long?

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Does the robots present on mars runs all day and night long?






Jan, 2018

  • abdul_moiz

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  • sorol

    yes. it was launch on 2012 and from it arraive there, it works on everyday and send data to earth.
    you can find more info in youtube and on wikipedia


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  • billionairebitclub

    Space is not real.
    It is all CGI that is presented to the world via Tel Lie Vision.
    Google Real Pictures of Space
    Google CGI Pictures of Space - They are the same pictures
    When they show space/space station where are all the satellites
    When they show space where is this hot sun? They would burn up for sure? I mean its bad enough here on a hot summer day.
    Who is holding the camera to take the pictures they give us in space-especially the closeups
    How do they get all these spectacular angled shots?
    Why is the earth never spinning when Nasa shows it from “space”
    Where do the stars go when they show real-time photos from space
    ......We are not on Mars-Google each planet…you will only see CGI pictures. It’s laughable once you can see it, you will never view a space documentary the same.
    Look into Ancient Cosmology and you will be one step closer to the truth.



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