Q. Do i need to visit plces to become a goood writer?

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Do i need to visit plces to become a goood writer?

to get thoughts about the place i am writing about, do i need to visit the actual place to get veiw of it ?






Jan, 2018

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  • hendry

    I believe to be good at writer you need to express your thoughts and feelings with the most accurate and precise words that befits the context perfectly.
    To have richer ideas and imagination you should visit varied places and meet various people.
    Also a writer is always a good reader so don’t miss on that.
    You’ll be good to go thereafter.


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  • virgo214

    Yes. It’s not just about putting your imagination into words.
    You can’t just be a writer with RANDOM genre. Your books should have a label may it be psychological, sociological, historical, etc. So, visiting places is a good move.


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