Q. What exactly is forgive and forget?

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What exactly is forgive and forget?

forgive the person and forget the bad memories or forgive the person and totally forget everything?

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Apr, 2018

  • shagun

    Forgive - Being Human forgive others.
    Forget - But dont forget. Stay alert.


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  • pearljam

    Forgive is better than forget.

    It may be possible , u cant forget someone.

    But IF u forgive someone, he/she will never forget you.

    Thats why, forgive and forget has special relationship.


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  • wallacewattles

    To forgive is being able to tell someone
    “What you’ve done to me doesn’t hurt me anymore”
    To forget is discovering that what has happened to you,
    did help you to learn, the lesson is assimilated, and you are on your way
    to grow up further, free and happy again.


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  • awad7

    Forgiving the person and not helding him/her acountable for the mistake. But I would advice to keep in mind the saying, ‘’Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’.’‘


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  • kiaazad

    it’s actually saying: as long as you hold a grudge and think about it, you’re not moving on with your life and wasting you time and energy on something in the past isn’t the best way to spend them.
    my personal opinion is: forgive, but never forget, chances is: they’ll try to do it again.


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  • hades

    It’s kinda how i forgiven Zeus and he forgot me


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  • jessajoy17

    Forgive and forget but, never forget to forgive. :)


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