Q. What's your favorite Disney movie?

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What's your favorite Disney movie?

I have always loved Mulan’s story. It’s empowering. For me, it gives hope that stereotyping and gender inequality may be hollowed. I love the songs, too.






Apr, 2018

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Waiting for updates of the sequel that you've been waiting for? It might take time as the movie which you usually want to see should be highly-budgeted. There are two kinds of movie: the indie and the mainstream. The ones you always see in theatres are mainstream movies. Indie or independent movies show life's reality accompanied with different social and psychological problems. There are many movies that are labelled as controversial. There are facts in a specific subject that don't pass the cinematography requirements, thus a slight distortion is needed. To no bias, the people in the movie industry must be responsible for the message that their movie conveys to the audience as audience be responsible for their own knowledge.

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