Q. How did you feel when you were rejected by someone you love?

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How did you feel when you were rejected by someone you love?

Boys, how did you feel when you got “no” from the girl you loved? Girls, how hard is it to reject someone? Well, if you may answer this, have you been rejected, too?






Apr, 2018

  • ishaan

    First of all, the fact that we think we’ve have fallen in love in a day or a week, I don’t think that can be true. I fell in love with a girl. She was kind and strong. We became friends and started hanging out together. By the moment I realized I had fallen in love with her I had also realized that she was not ready for a relationship. I still gathered some courage and asked her. She said NO! It did hurt but the way she explained why she said no it was a revelation. She explained me how different we were and so many other things that would not let our relation last for long.
    From that I learned that the hurt is not about the rejection it is more about reason you got rejected for. A good and considerable reason helps you heel a lot faster.


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  • ae1996

    For me personally if I got a ‘no’ from a girl, it made me realized that I don’t have to waste my precious time for other person who don’t worth it. There are still plenty of fish in the sea, so you gotta move on :)


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  • kirti

    i have been rejected mny times, i felt sad at that time but just for few days, now when i look back at those girls at this time, they look so weird, they dont look pretty as they use to look in school, now i know i deserve more beautiful girl than those


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