Q. Should all know how to speak English?

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Should all know how to speak English?

English is considered as the universal language but if I am not wrong, it is not the language which has the most number of proficient speakers. If you could tell me what makes learning English not necessary, I would highly appreciate it.






Apr, 2018

  • karollegerd

    This is the best choice for me because I had an instructor while I learned English. But I still lack the skills necessary to create grammatically sound essays. Due to the fact that translate online frequently produce incorrect content and leave me unsatisfied with the outcome, I advocate using an English to Spanish translation service.


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  • thorty

    Esperanto was developed to be a universal second language with the aim of fostering international peace and understanding. In reality, English is far more widely spoken, and is very useful all over the world. The more languages you know, the more possibilities are open to you.


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  • virgo214

    What makes English not necessary to be learned is when you don’t have any plan to elevate yourself and explore the world.


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  • kirti

    YES, english is the basic and common languge which everyone should know in world.


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  • awad7

    I would recommend to learn as many languages, for it will most certainly be of benefit. You will have a lot more possibilities in life and career-wise. But I would prioritize a language which is mostly used, for now it would be English.


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