Q. Once I start earning should I start saving right away?

Once I start earning should I start saving right away?

I have recently started earning, should I start investing or wait for some time to gather some money and then invest it?

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Jun, 2018

  • shagun

    Steady & slowly - but yes from the day 1


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  • cryptodad

    you should start saving and investing too - as first thing when the money come to your account send part of them to saving account and invest another in somthing that can bring “more money”. saving is for build some safety reserve that you can use when times are worse, investing is for better future. whats left is what you shoud use to “live”.


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  • hendry

    Yes the day you start earning is the day you should start saving as well.


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What is that money can't buy? More difficult than to earn money is to preserve it. Deprived of required financial management even gigantic companies have faced the downfall. Finance management is a major field in education and profession. As without sufficient financial backup there is no scope of growth. When it comes to personal money management, it is quite uncomplicated. As, "Personal finance is of 20% head knowledge, its 80% behaviour".

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