Q. Which language is your favourite?

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Which language is your favourite?

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Jun, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • pearljam


    ‘’Cause , most people can understand English.

    I love English because people can understand easily.


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  • thorty

    Spanish, because it sounds good and nearly every word is spelled as it sounds (phonetically), unlike many other languages like English and French, and English, because it is the most international


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  • juraj

    Slovak :D


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  • karlpaap



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  • crypto.bit182

    Java and Math :)


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Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic - five of the most spoken languages out of the 6909 living languages around the world listed recently. Aside from that, there are also rare languages that a specific group of people use for communication. Languages are dynamic. Change is constant and so is language. New words are formed and are added in the more updated lexicography. A lifelong logophile can create a word, own it and eventually use it as a code to communicate privately. That is more fun. Go beyond books and create your own term, can you?

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