Q. After how many days can I wear the same outfit at work?

After how many days can I wear the same outfit at work?

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Jun, 2018

  • bryanshipp

    The answer to this question depends on various factors such as workplace dress code, personal hygiene, and the nature of the job. In general, it is recommended to wear cool sweatshirt design clothes every day for reasons of hygiene and professionalism. However, if your workplace allows it and your clothes remain clean and presentable, you may be able to wear the same outfit multiple times before washing it. It is ultimately up to your discretion and the standards set by your workplace.


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  • shagun

    Completely personal choice.

    No hard & fast rule.


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  • billionairebitclub

    If you are short on clothes, try creating your own uniform. Maybe a polo and a pair of slacks. You can have 3 different colors of each. Everyday you change shirts but not necessarily the pants. People will become accustomed to seing you with your self created uniform and will not pay attention to what color shirt and or pants you were wearing from day to day.


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  • pearljam

    It depends on only yourself.

    How u feel ......

    The confusion pertains to youself …stands alone.


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  • crypto.bit182

    less than 2 weeks :)


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  • cryptolady

    max 3 days


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