Q. How can yoga affect one’s life?

How can yoga affect one’s life?

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Jun, 2018

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  • becky

    Yoga has endless health benefit and health is wealth.
    Life will be much easier and productive if you are healthy.
    Health is one of the things that you cannot buy with money instead, you need to incorporate such habits that will help you lead a healthy life.
    Yoga is one such great health habit.


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  • cryptodad

    It can give you many benefits of exercise and also meditation - that is quite a lot, you can build healthy mind and body at the same time. Of course healthy lifestyle is not just about yoga, but it can be benefical alongside with other things (healthy food, have enough sleep, noon smoking, no drink alcohol etc). Just one thing -> you could completely eliminate the religiond / spiritual facotr of yoga - it is completelly unnecesarry bullshit. What matters is to stay relaxed/meditate and exercise.


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Yoga is a popular meditative practice that helps people achieves the desired outlook in life. Remember, it is necessary to keep your cool. It is you who should control you. Take some time to relax, unwind, meditate and be your best you. Yoga is one of the most popular influences of India around the world. It teaches you to have an inner peace which is reflected in your outward appearance. Breathe in and out, and integrate your soul and mind. You cannot control the events around you but you can filter the things that are trying to accumulate you. Keep calm and do yoga.

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