Q. What type of activities should I do to get smarter?

What type of activities should I do to get smarter?

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Aug, 2018

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    read articles or others
    Well, this hobby is actually one form of brain exercise, you know! Because, reading can flex the muscles of your brain, both when you read light readings (such as comics or magazines) or “heavy” readings that contain a variety of information.
    Play puzzel or crossword puzzle
    Since the first time crossword puzzles have been known as a way to hone brain skills. Well, according to the LearningRx cognitive training center, in addition to crossword puzzles, puzzles and Sudoku can actually train the brain’s ability, especially the left brain. If you are accustomed to playing crossword puzzles and puzzles, add new strategies and continue to increase the difficulties from day to day to increase your brain’s exercise success, for example solving crosswords with unusual themes.
    Learn foreign languages
    Learning foreign languages ​​will activate parts of the brain that have not been used since you started talking. A 2007 study at York University in Toronto, found that using multiple languages ​​can increase blood supply to the brain to maintain healthy neural connections.
    Play music
    A study by Nina Kraus published on the Live Science website shows that people who play musical instruments can respond to sound and language better. They will also tend to experience a slower process of brain aging. In another study, Kraus also found that practicing musical instruments can improve a person’s ability to hear in a noisy atmosphere, and recognize the emotional aspects of a speech.
    Chat with other people
    In addition to those mentioned above, in fact brain exercise can be done simply by socializing or interacting with people around you. This can be done by gathering with friends, communities, or groups that can expand your social network.
    Looking for new things
    If you have done a number of ways mentioned above and you feel bored because you do it too often, challenge the brain to learn new skills or things that you have never done before.


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Skill in any person is god's gift. Skill cannot be taught, it can be only polished. Skills are at times inherited, as a child brought up in a family inclined towards a specific profession, learns by observation and little practice under supervision of elders. Interest and zeal to grasp the techniques to do a job, is skill. Skill doesn't need theories. A skilled person is a gem for the society. Skilfulness with suitable qualifications is now insisted upon for bright carriers.

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