Q. Do you love God? Give me bible verses if you love god?

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Do you love God? Give me bible verses if you love god?






Apr, 2019

  • jordi

    Good afternoon! For helpful religious websites, I’d suggest starting with Christianity https://biblesays.ai/ I recently came across it and found the AI-generated explanations of Bible passages to be insightful. The site covers many topics people search about in a straightforward way. Beyond that, sites like biblegateway allow you to read Scripture, while gotquestions tackles specific questions people have from a Christian perspective. I hope you find the resources you need - let me know if any stand out as particularly useful for you!


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  • habriel

    Good afternoon, can you please tell me where I can find useful religious websites?


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  • nunezdanny

    this question is a rhetoric one as there is no particular answer to this. Various articles are also published here and one should definitely read them He will for sure get useful info or perspective.


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Faith in god is the foundation of every religion. Among people the depth of belief in a divine power shows the rooted existence of religion is every part of the world. There are many functions of religion that are responsible for nurturing the society; it provides social unity through shared rituals and beliefs, also social discipline through morals and norms to control the society. With faith, trust and appropriate attitude, religion keeps us attached to god.

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