Q. Why am I not losing belly fat?

Why am I not losing belly fat?

I’ve already lost 10 pounds, but I still have fat in the midsection. Why is that?

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Feb, 2021

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  • crisantasmth

    Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing fat. If you’re dieting wrong, it could be that you’re mainly just losing water weight, which is evident in the fatty deposits left in your belly area. It could also be a result of poor sleep, wrong workouts, and other issues. Another reason is that as we age, we lose muscle mass, which slows down metabolism and makes shedding off fat from the belly even harder. If this is your problem, you might want to switch to the HCG diet. This diet specifically burns fat and uses it up for energy, which preserves your muscle mass. In turn, this improves your metabolic rate and helps you lose fat from problem areas such as the waist, thigh, and arms. The HCG diet also helps lower your cholesterol and improve heart health. You can buy HCG kits and mixing supplies here.


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