Q. How to fix if Google App not working Today?

How to fix if Google App not working Today?

**How do I Fix Google when it’s not working?

It often happens that while we are working on Google, it suddenly stops working. Several reasons can affect the working of Google. If you also have this Google not working issue, you can go through some information below to fix this.

Fix Google app no working 

1.      You can force the Google app to stop and re-install it from the Google play store again.
2.      You must regularly clear the cache and data of the Google app. This step will help Google to perform in a better way.
3.      You can install the latest version of the Google app to fix the problem. To update the Google app, you can go to the Google play store; click on the update tab. If there is no update available, you will get to see the open tab rather than update.
4.      Sometimes an updated version can also be the reason behind Google not working. In that case, you can uninstall the update whenever it is available. 

The new version may also contact some bugs, which disallows the Google app from working correctly. To uninstall updates, follow the procedure given below**

Long press Google app on the app drawer

Hit the app info and click on the three-dot button
Click on the tab Uninstall updates to re-install the factory version
5.      You can also update your device to the new software to fix this issue, and sometimes a simple logout and re-login can also help you.

Moreover, if you have Google chromes not working issue, you can also perform the following task.

1.      Re-open your device by pressing the power button and open it again
2.      Close all the background application and web pages for the time being, and you can re-open it again
3.      One of the best ways is you can uninstall your Google chrome and re-install it again
4.      You can also open your Google chrome in safe mode
5.      When using in an android, remove the unsafe third-party applications to fix the issue

If you still face Google not working issue, you can connect to the Google customer support team to get professional support.

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