Q. What are some good housewarming gifts for someone you want to impress?

What are some good housewarming gifts for someone you want to impress?






Aug, 2022

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  • mason85

    I can think of a few housewarming gift ideas. However, it’s good to start by noting that there are many ways to “impress” someone. You can leave them impressed by how thoughtful you are, by how well you know them, by how much you’re willing to spend on them, or you can impress them with your taste.

    For example, if you know what kind of aesthetic your friend likes, you can impress them by buying something that matches that vibe, whether it be a piece of luxury bone china or some other piece of décor from a store like https://www.toyguash.com/collections....

    If the goal is to throw money at them, alcohol is a good way to do it. An expensive bottle of wine or some hard liquor is a good way to show you care without making the other person feel uncomfortable. Booze also has the advantage of encouraging the recipient to share a drink with you.


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