Q. What should I do to improve my teaching skills? I am a maths teacher?

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What should I do to improve my teaching skills? I am a maths teacher?






Jan, 2018

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    It is very easy to hate maths, I will never forget my struggle with numbers. But I have been blessed as I had some awesome people as my teachers, especially some of my maths teachers. Mathematics has a lot of formulas, try making some trick that can help your students to remember those formulas. Encourage them to practice as much as possible because maths is a subject that can only be learned through practice. Tell your students to make more mental calculations rather than depending on devices like a calculator. Interact with your students well, ask them questions. Take regular tests. Guide your students in their difficulties. And never let them underestimate the numbers. Seems like, this much is sufficient to be a good mathematics teacher.


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