Q. What is the best strategy to force yourself to wake up early every day?

What is the best strategy to force yourself to wake up early every day?

Sometimes the alarm is not enough to get you out of bed. What are the best strategies people here have tried to help them wake up early without struggling too much to get out of bed?

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Apr, 2018

  • becky

    let’s say you need to wake up at 8 AM.
    You are going to needed at least 5 alarms.
    Starting from, 8:00 AM => 8:05 AM => 8:10 AM => 8:15 AM => 8:20 AM
    I assume rather than not waking at all waking a few minutes late is way better.
    This tricks works for me hope it works for you too :)


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  • awad7

    Put your alarm clock in a distance, so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off.


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  • ollec

    Going to bed early works for me.


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  • fernie305

    If you ask someone to wake you up would be great until such time when your body gets ised to it. If you need to get up early for work think about money. haha


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