Q. How is meditation better than yoga?

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How is meditation better than yoga?

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Jul, 2018

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  • maanya

    It is like comparing a remedy for medical health and physical health.
    Meditation stabilizes the mental health.
    It brings concentration and clarity to life.
    A healthy brain stimulates enzymes that operate physical health.
    Whereas, yoga helps to maintain physical health.
    Though mental and physical health is interlinked yet meditation can’t be compared with yoga to pick the better one.


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In a fast-paced world, human behaviors tend to change due to the presence of stressors. Depression and anxiety, for some, take place. Since the level of difficulty of focusing in a single thing becomes more extreme, given that people nowadays are busier, alcoholism, the regularity of smoking and drug dependency may come about to somehow diminish the effects of the agents of stress. Meditation helps people to be able to find the inner peace, be more relaxed and makes you become happier. Meditation can be achieved through a mind- body activity for it may reduce the exaggerated stress in our body systems

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