Q. What music for brain?

What music for brain?

Vera combines the power of music as a therapy with the ease of streaming, to help slow down the effects of brain ageing. As we get older we change in noticeable ways, like our hair turning grey. Just like our muscles, our brain cells can get stiff too. Brain ageing can affect our mood, mobility, sleep and memory too. for more details, please visit at https://www.verasounds.com/

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Jun, 2021

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    Most researches from Hopkins believe that listing to music is like exercise for human brain. Music is found to be very effective in stimulate the brain and has a much better results than other brain stimulants. Therefore people who wish to keep their young and active, it is recommended for them to listen to music. Researches published on Hopkins medicines indicates that listening to good music can help achieve better memory, mental alertness, improved mood and sleep quality. So, what kind of music should one listen to? There is different genre of music and choosing the one you enjoy is important. Some of the soothing music that one can listen for improving their brain activity are-
    • Classical music
    • Cinematic music
    • Music from the nature such as ocean sound, birds chirping, sound of waterfall or rain etc
    • Music between 50 and 80 beats per minute
    • Anything that you enjoy
    Along with listening to music one can also choose Modalert Nootropic for cognition. It acts on the hypothalamus region to help achieve better memory, creativity, concentration and focus. It also enhances the attention span of the person along with uplifting the thinking and decision making ability of the person.


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