Polls let you gather a better perspective of user's opinions and views in a much easier and intuitive way.

How to post a poll?

Polls can be easily created via Quick Actions and Polls section. You will be redirected to "Post a Poll". Make sure you read the Instructions very carefully.

Poll Title

Keep your poll title short. Make it simple and brief. Make sure the title is free from grammatical or spelling errors.

Ends On

Polls can be ended automatically. Leave the Ends on field blank if you would like to end the poll manually.

Selecting a Category

Select the most relevant category from the listed ones for better responses and indexing.

Entering the Choices
Optional Selections

How to participate in a poll?

Participating in a poll is quiet simple. Simply click on the Participate button to reveal the voting panel with options.

On selecting the preferred choice, simply click on vote to complete your participation.