In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact in case you still have any questions. Click here to create a new ticket.


  • What is Qurito?
    Qurito is an easy to indulge Q&A Platform which facilitates you to share & gain knowledge and also offers you rewards. At the most minimal effort, you can get a worthy public opinion by simply posting a poll. Click here for more details.
  • What is QURO?
    QURO is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token which is just a cryptocurrency that’s built on the Ethereum platform.
  • What's the payment method in Qurito?
    Rewards are calculated in virtual denomination Qurito where, 1 QURO equals 100 QURITO's. Qurito's earned on the platform can be changed to cryptocurrency QURO. QURO tokens can be traded across exchanges and can be easily exchanged for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT or LA. Visit the Analytics section to keep better track of your earnings.

Q&A and Polls

  • What are Categories and Tags?
    Questions asked on Qurito are classified into Categories. Tags are added for that category for much detailed classification and order.
  • Why Qurito uses Categories & Tags instead of Topics?
    We have introduced Categories to create a better learning experience and order across the platform. Every Category is sub-categorised into Tags.
    For example, "Computer Engineering" is a branch of "Engineering". In case your question links to Computer Engineering, you can simply select "Engineering" category and further apply the tag "computer-engineering" in the Tags section in the "Ask Question" page to further classify your question. The true essence, subject or motive of the question can be represented through tags.
  • Can we add custom tags?
    Yes, Custom tags can be added in case you were unable to find the tag you were looking for. You can simply press enter after you have finished writing the tag in the Tags section in the Ask Question page.


  • What is Descripto?
    Descripto is your signature text or the way of expressing yourself in 32 characters. It is visible in your profile.
  • What is About Me?
    About Me shall include your individual interests and unique characteristics. Here you can describe yourself and let everyone on the platform know about you. Add details that precisely depicts your personality.